PrestaShop eBay Integration manual

Blocking products feature

PrestaShop eBay Integration module has functions that allow you to block exporting products, brand to be exported to ebay. 

Blocking functionality works in a way where you can exclude specific sku, manufacture from been exported to ebay.

This functionality allows you to specify a list of "Resources" that will be blocked by PrestaBay from sending to ebay.

Currently, Blacklist support 2 types of resource: "Product ID" and "Manufacturer Name".Any Product that matches one of the conditions in this list will be blocked from "Adding to Selling List", "Sending to eBay", "Revising on eBay", "Relisted to eBay".
For activating this functions, please do following:
  • Navigate to page Catalog>ebay>Selling Lists>Blacklist
  • Then select the type of "Blacklist" — "Manufacturer" or "Product".
  • Optionality select "Marketplace" where this option will works
  • Set "Value" equal to product sku, product Id or manufacturer name
  • Click on "Add" button

When this part is done, please try to list to ebay one of the products with the blocked list. You should see an error message indicated that this is not possible.

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