PrestaShop eBay Integration manual

Do I need to add all data again after PrestaBay upgrade?

Keeping the PrestaBay module up-to-date is important in order to ensure a smooth experience when sending your PrestaShop products to eBay. When it comes to upgrading the module version to the latest one, you might be wondering or even reluctant to do so because going through the whole setup process is not what you want. This article helps you to do it properly without wreaking havoc on your system. 

The short answer is 'No'. You do not need to set everything from scratch if you follow the precise instructions from our support article that describes how to Upgrade the PrestaBay module. The important things to reassure you that all data are safe and secure are the third and the fourth step. It is highly recommended to create a backup of your PrestaBay/PrestaShop DB and module source files (folder /modules/prestabay). 

Please remember not to click the 'Uninstall' PrestaBay module in order to make an upgrade. If you go through unistall/install process, you will definitely need to add all your PrestaBay data (eBay account, selling profiles, selling lists, and all the configuration) from the very beginning. 

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