PrestaShop eBay Integration manual

Full Reset eBay Inventory and Reconnect

In some cases, you may need to make a full reset of eBay Inventory details, reset status inside the Selling List, and re-connect all existing eBay listings to corresponding PrestaShop products.

Such operation usually required direct DB access and execution of SQL commands to it.

To make it work by restarting PrestaBay integration eBay listings details we will do the following operations.

Note! If automatic product creation is enabled in the Synchronization settings, disable it for now. You will be able to activate it later after you are done with the reconnect. To do so, go to Catalog > eBay > Synchronization, scroll to the "List "Not Active" in stock products" and disable it.

Then, follow these steps.

  1. 1. Reset product statuses in the existing Selling List, and clear up the product_connection table. This action will move all Selling List products to the Not Linked status. No worries, they will be connected in the next steps.
  2. 2. Clear up the existing list of eBay inventories. This way, we will ensure that only the relevant listings are shown.
  3. 3. Download eBay listings.
  4. 4. Move eBay listings under the module management. It will connect the listings with the reset statuses, and any other listings that exist both in the Selling List and on eBay.

Important! Please make a full DB backup before processing further

1) Reset product statuses in the existing Selling List

Using your DB manager (phpMyAdmin as an example) please execute the following operations:

UPDATE ps_prestabay_selling_products SET status = 0, job_id = 0, job_type = null, ebay_id =0

And then following

TRUNCATE ps_prestabay_product_connection

2) Cleanup existing eBay inventory

Using DB manager (phpMyAdmin) run the following command

TRUNCATE ps_prestabay_ebay_listings;

3) Download eBay listings

Please process with downloading eBay listings, following the manual page —

4) Move eBay Listings into PrestaBay

Please process moving eBay listings to PrestaBay as described in the article:


After fully migrating all existing eBay listings, you may still find some of the listings existing inside the eBay inventory page. Please re-check the details of this listing. If you can find that this listing is duplicated to your existing inventory, please use mass-action to stop these listings.

If this eBay listing is not yet connected to your existing PrestaShop product, please process with connecting listings to PrestaShop products and migrate it into PrestaBay management.

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