Change Logs :: PrestaBay – PrestaShop eBay Integration

PrestaBay 3.0.0, Jan 28th 2019
  • New Add "Price Mode" into list of all available Price Templates
  • New Added possibility to use different price option for price templates
  • New Get attributes for Wizard Attributes Pro module
  • New Add meta tags into available PrestaBay variables
  • New Add Polish translation to module (thank you Radosław Koziołek)
  • New Add Blacklist functionality with marketplace filter (stop product/manufactures from sending to ebay)
  • New Add variable [product_attachments] that will generate list of all available product attachments
  • New Variables related to product shipping [product_shipping_width][product_shipping_height][product_shipping_depth][product_shipping_weight]
  • New Add Manufacturer and Supplier modes into Selling List
  • New Add support for order guest checkout (option should be active in PrestaShop)
  • New Allow download HTML template for description template
  • New Show ebay order information inside PrestaShop order (if this is ebay order)
  • New Allow get list of ebay jobs and cancel it if possible
  • New Business Policy. Retrieve and show list of all available business policy for select ebay account and marketplace
  • New Possibility to remove selected policy if it not used
  • New Business Policy Shipping Templates, interface to creation and selection inside Selling Profile
  • New Show SKU inside PrestaShop Order Item view page
  • New Add other modules promotion block
  • New Adding Shipping Mapping interface for correctly handle ebay shipping import into PrestaShop
  • New Adding Price Smart Rounding option for change ebay price to x.x9 or x.99
  • New Hidden system tab for synchronization that allows run individual sync task directly
  • New Schedule Listing time Templates, allows define time when item should be send to ebay
  • New Add variable [ebay_id] available only during 'Revise' operation
  • New Fulfillment Order synchronization status integrated with third-party tools
  • New Critical Logs from synchronization, actions, order import, background jobs separated and showed on dashboard
  • New Show configuration button on module page
  • New Automatically delete items from Selling List that connected to removed Products and attributes in PrestaShop
  • Fix Description Template: Feature Tag inserted without started "["
  • Fix Item price and QTY value after ebay action inside Selling List Ajax page
  • Fix Add "Save" button for ebay tab in Product page for PrestaShop 1.7
  • Fix Incorrect HTML and quotes escaping in some messages and translations
  • Fix Wrong ajax request while sending or revising an item from a selling list when using wholesale (cost) price
  • Fix Translation in ajax response messages while sending or revising an item from a selling list
  • Enh If available set ebay user registration address as billing address
  • Fix Duplicate "Selling List" create additional empty Selling List
  • Fix Https url issue for product image
  • Enh Remove strict attribute = 0 restriction for product list query in appends products grid
  • Fix Correct return 'original price' for variations items
  • Enh Add new tag [product_combinations_all]. Return list of all attributes options for product
  • Enh Separate normal item finding by non-active item connection (refactoring)
  • Fix Add fallback to default product title for ebay listing
  • Fix problem with trim email for ebay orders
  • Fix Post update ebay order price, could be relevant for some customers with order price errors
  • Fix Drop-down after ajax loading in angular
  • Enh Add protection from accidentally item stop on automatic synchronization
  • Fix Shipping discount profiles returned based on selected marketplace
  • Fix Ebay auctions should be stopped when PS product QTY = 0
  • Enh When Relist of item not possible due to time (60 days term), make item 'Not Active' so it could be Listed automatically
  • Enh Show current ebay time in advanced variables list
  • Fix Convert currency for wholesale price
  • Enh Add support for multiple features module
  • Enh Add "Cron settings" help into Synchronization page
  • Enh Show account and account filter on ebay orders page
  • Enh Automatically solve ebay error more that 3000 items returned
  • Fix 'Item Condition' is selected in Category Mapping during edit, also mark it as 'Required' Option
  • Enh Add asset_version to avoid js/css caching on version update
  • Fix Exclude variation attributes feature remove all other combinations
  • Fix PrestaShop 1.7.4 show error in grid due to wrong count usage
  • Enh Re-adding same product with combinations into selling list, add only new combinations
  • Enh Allow insert "Not Active" products into Selling List with Category mode
  • Enh Changes tabs in Selling Profile for better visibility of Business Policy
  • Enh Use vuejs for sync settings page
  • Enh Allow disable ebay account, disabled account excluded from synchronization and from all actions
  • Enh Show Ebay Plus icon (DE) on order list page for PrestaBay
  • Enh Pass Return Policy together with relist request ( requirements for correctly relist)
  • Fix During revise removing variation attributes with 0 price, pass fallback price (total price, or very bit number)
  • Fix Ebay store link inside Selling Profile
  • Enh Optimize Dashboard to load grid/block via ajax
  • Enh Stop item when relist/end operation finished with error connected to unknown or missed item
  • Enh Update cron job to a new system working on PrestaShop 1.7
  • Enh Advanced Cron Jobs (separate order import and rest of synchronization)

PrestaBay Startup v1.8.x

PrestaBay Startup Version 1.8.11, Jul 2018
PrestaBay Startup Version, May 2018
PrestaBay Startup Version 1.8.8, Nov 15, 2017
PrestaBay Startup Version 1.8.7, 30 October 2017
PrestaBay Startup 1.8.6, Oct 20th 2017
PrestaBay Startup 1.8.5, Sep 8th 2017
PrestaBay Startup 1.8.4, Aug 2nd 2017
PrestaBay Startup 1.8.3, Jul 18 2017
PrestaBay Startup 1.8.2, Jun 26 2017
PrestaBay Startup 1.8.1, May 30 2017
PrestaBay Startup 1.8.0, May 22 2017
PrestaBay Startup 1.7.4, Feb 24th 2017
PrestaBay Startup 1.7.3, Jan 15th 2017
PrestaBay Startup 1.7.2, Nov 3rd 2016
PrestaBay Startup 1.7.1, Sep 14th 2016
PrestaBay Startup 1.7.0, Jul 26th 2016
PrestaBay Startup 1.6.5, Feb 22nd 2016
PrestaBay Startup 1.6.4, latest Feb 8th, 2016
PrestaBay Startup 1.5.x, 12 releases, till Oct 2015
PrestaBay Startup 1.4.x, Jun 11, 2012
PrestaBay Startup 1.3.x, March 13, 2012
PrestaBay Startup 1.2.x, August 25, 2011
PrestaBay Startup 1.1.x Jul 25, 2011
PrestaBay Startup 1.0.0, Jun 3, 2011

PrestaBay v.2 Professional & Enterprise

PrestaBay Professional Version 2.7.10, May 11, 2018
PrestaBay Professional Version 2.7.9, Nov 15, 2017
PrestaBay Professional Version 2.7.8, Oct 30, 2017
PrestaBay Professional Version 2.7.6, Oct 20th 2017
PrestaBay Professional Version 2.7.5, Sep 9th 2017
PrestaBay Professional Version 2.7.4, Jul 18th 2017
PrestaBay Professional Version 2.7.3, Jun 26th 2017
PrestaBay Professional Version 2.7.2, May 30th 2017
PrestaBay Professional Version 2.7.1 May 22nd 2017
PrestaBay Professional Version 2.7.0 May 2nd 2017
PrestaBay Professional Version 2.6.6, Feb 24th 2017
PrestaBay Professional Version 2.6.5, Jan 19th 2017
PrestaBay Professional Version 2.6.3, Nov 15th 2016
PrestaBay Professional Version 2.6.2, Oct 5th 2016
PrestaBay Professional Version 2.6.0, Sep 7th 2016
PrestaBay Professional Version 2.5.2, Jun 6th 2016
PrestaBay Professional Version 2.5.1, April 25th 2016
PrestaBay Professional Version 2.5.0, March 1st 2016
PrestaBay Professional Version 2.4.x, January 19th 2016
PrestaBay Professional Version 2.3.0, July 2nd 2015
PrestaBay Professional Version 2.2.0, June 25th 2015
PrestaBay Professional Version 2.1.x, April 14th 2015
PrestaBay Professional Version 2.0.0, March 1st, 2015
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