PrestaShop ebay Integration Testimonials list

03 September 2019
very good module, a team available, listening to help us take the hand and solve the problems I recommend completely, looking forward to discover your other modules
08 April 2019
Thank you
Tim - OD&D
06 February 2019
Involic is great! When we need the they are there for us. We don't want any other company anymore for providing modules like prestabay and amazon integrations. We love the service and the free communication! Just need a good product to sell on ebay and Amazon? Don't look further you found it.
01 September 2018
Ottimo modulo e assistenza al top! Il modulo funziona alla grande, una volta impostati tutti i parametri correttamente si inviano i prodotti su eBay in un lampo! Grazie Involic!
30 March 2018
After 6 years I come back to presta shop and Involic, confirm my feedback of 2012: "For users of prestashop, this form is the best way to sell on ebay. Finally, many useful functions in one module. The development team is available, always working to make improvements and changes. Sell on ebay since 2000, I finally found prestabay with a valid business tool that helps me to do so."
Alessandro Cinà
24 November 2017
Grande modulo, configurando tutto alla perfezione ti automatizza tutto.
18 November 2017
Módulo esencial para vender en ebay, es realmente bueno.
17 November 2017
Fantastic product and support.
14 November 2017
I have been using it with great satisfaction for 5 years, I highly recommend this product, great service, simplified, intuitive functionality, above all it helps to manage sales and ebay listings very easily !!! if I went back I would do it 100 times again.
14 November 2017
i use prestashop since 10 years. I can affirm that prestabay is the best solution to drive ebay. better than lengow , shopping flux etc ..... The ps native ebay module is awful .... i try many solutions and i can say that prestabay is the top and has the best support ( thanks to alex for the great job you do )
14 November 2017
An excellent tool, with trully amazing support. Multi channel sales really work with this module.
10 November 2017
It is a very complete module, but the best thing about it is that it is always adapting to the new ebay requirements. Customer service is exceptional. To date I have not had any problems that have not been solved in a reasonable time.
30 October 2017
Truly an excellent form, well done and the assistance is really helpful and efficient.
16 October 2017
Prestabay has made our business easy. We use Prestashop and needed a way to sync ebay with our website. Prestabay was the exact software required. Once you have set up the software, orders, stock quantities, messages, feedback are all taken care of seamlessly. Let's look at an example, product A is added to the ebay module, it automatically uploads, if we sell out from our website, then Product A is stopped on ebay - Automatically, once it is back in stock it is started again. If an order is made on ebay, then the order is added to the backend of Prestashop. We process the order and the shipping details are added to ebay. Yes we have had some small issues and needed support, but everytime we have sent an email, a response is received within 12 hours. Highly recommended software package when syncing ebay to prestashop
Ron Taylor (Graphskill)
12 October 2017
Involic are great company. The Prestabay (prestashop / Ebay integration) module is fabulous. Any problems are very quickly rectified by the support team. The team also take on board any suggestions and integrate new facilities wherever possible. Superb!
20 September 2017
Easy installation, very complete module and assistants ready to answer any request. It works fine with eBay. it and all other marketplaces. Recommended for those who want a definitive tool to sell on all eBay marketplaces. Continue like this!
Ricambi Scooter Moto S.r.l.
22 December 2015
SUPER! Best module ever, fast and easy to use and upgrade. Thanks :)
25 March 2015
I'm saving a lot of time using this module. It's simple and fast. I can relist my product that ended on ebay faster.
Sole Sports Running Zone
28 February 2015
It saves a huge amount of time in synchronizing inventory between PrestaShop and eBay. It also saves a huge amount of time in creating new listings in eBay by using existing listings in PrestaShop.
Fleming David from Loco1Hobby
27 January 2015
Great works mostly as should. wish it synced both ways correctly. wish the lists would auto populate items into selling lists that are category selected.
Boutique en ligne ALAMODE
20 January 2015
Plugin très pratique cela vaut le cout de payer pour un logiciel qui fonctionne (Very practical plugin it is worth the cost of paying for a software that works.)
19 January 2015
I am verry Happy
Shimondvir Fine Jewelry Manufacturing
18 January 2015
Professional service and great product
Mobile Broadband Devices - Super Trade Shop Ltd
05 January 2015
It is good
Sales - Strictly Streetwear
28 December 2014
Because you rock!
03 June 2014
The module just works amazingly well – compared to the official module this is light years ahead!!
28 April 2014
The after sale service is always fast and efficient. The module is very complete and allows to manage products one by one or in bulk unlike the native Prestashop module which is not flexible at all. Very satisfied with Prestabay! :)
23 January 2014
We have been using the Prestabay module with success since the first version. It is a mature tool/solution for managing your eBay listings. A couple of times we needed help which was offered fast and efficiently. A big thank you to the Involic/Prestabay team! An excellent module doing well what it is supposed to do. Friendly and efficient support and a reasonable price, unlike some other fee sharks out there! I strongly recommend it.
De Wulf Paul-Hervé
16 December 2013
Excellent value for money ! If you want to synchronize your prestashop catalog with ebay, this solution is for you ! It could be easyer to use, but all “export management system” requires a setup time. I have tested some other solution. This is one of the best one. The price is very competitive and the module is complete and working well. I recommend this module, if you are not convinced, you can request a trial period. Best module features: – support a lot of ebay markeplaces (,, etc) – the support is very competent & available – the module is frequently updated – includes a template manager (you can edit your template online, I can edit myself without any HTLM special knowledge) – Includes a clickable image gallery for your product description (amazing stuff !!!)
18 December 2012
Prestabay module has saved me hours and hours of time. The functionality of the program as fantastic and very simple to use. This application has give me the confidence to continue and build my business. If you need or want to to list the products in your prestashop onto ebay then this is the module you need. On top of the quality of the product the service has been second to none. Whether by email or Skype support Involic have never failed to help me. I had a couple of issues, no problem to Involic, resolved with professionalism and in a very fast turnaround. I am 110% extrememly pleased and cannot recommend Involic Highly enough. Do not hesitate and use these guys, they are brilliant. If you are sceptical of testimonials, let me assure you, this is very genuine, it’s my way of thanking Involic. Thank you…
18 December 2012
Really a great product! The best way to sell on ebay also maintaining inventory management. Also good care, I made two requests for configuration problems have been resolved very quickly and successfully. I’m really happy with purchase.
18 December 2012
I never expect this type of any thing would be possible !!! It is simply amazing. Zero error.
18 June 2012
After installing the PrestaBay module I have had great success linking my website to eBay. This is a very easy and simple module to use compared to many others we have used in the past. I also found the manual and video tutorials very easy to follow showing everything the module has to offer step by step. Thanks PrestaBay this has saved me hours manually uploading on eBay.
Dario Luraghi
18 June 2012
A key for our business. Prestabay allowed us to unify stock level management and to listing items in ebay just in two click, with saving 90% of time necessary. The customer service is very professional and allowed us to resolve some problems on our installation. The development of new versions is very appreciable and the new functionality implemented are very useful. I recommend this software to all store made with Prestashop and to all ebay seller that research a valuable tool for ebay listing.
18 June 2012
My experience with Prestabay Involic and support has been wonderful, there is nothing like it, is the best to work with prestashop and eBay, plus support Involic are pending and if you have any problems do not hesitate to do whatever it takes to give a solution. Involic thank you very much!
Denis Moisyeyev
25 April 2012
Now I’m happy using Prestabay module . It works correctly . If I have any questions Technical Support of Prestabay always helps me.
25 April 2012
Few problems at start, but resolved. works a treat, used daily and saves a lot of input work creating new customer accounts/orders, etc. We are well pleased with your module, keep the updates and upgrades coming with new features always welcomed with us. Thanks
Maciek Sznurkowski
25 April 2012
Thank for Prestabay module. We show handlocker face at 6 Ebays. The module is very good. It fits mostly all specific requirements of different national Ebays. Your service is professional and fast, thank You. We have found 2 matters which need your attention: 1) Currency conversions ( Eur >>> USD >>> GBP) 2) Best Price ( module has no option and we have to do mark it manually) To resume it is very good tool and we wait for upgrade.
Nicolò Grasso
25 April 2012
For users of prestashop, this form is the best way to sell on ebay. Finally, many useful functions in one module. The development team is available, always working to make improvements and changes. Sell on ebay since 2000, I finally found prestabay with a valid business tool that helps me to do so.
25 April 2012
PrestaBay module has been a success since I hit the Involic website for the first time back in July 2011. We have worked with the module right out of the box, and made dozens of listings easily in basically no time. Every time we had any additional PrestaBay-related wishes, developers were always willing to serve us in a timely manner. I can only recommend this module to everyone seeking eBay/PrestaShop implementation.
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