PrestaShop eBay Integration manual

eBay Managed Payments

In summer 2020 ebay start rollout ebay managed payment solutions for a limited number of sellers. From July 2020, eBay managed payments will expand in the US and Germany, and become available to a limited number of sellers in Canada, UK, and Australia.

Ebay managed payments will be available for most of the sellers by the end of 2020. 

Most of our sellers have a question related to how PrestaBay — Prestashop eBay Integration module will be affected by these changes and are there any updates need. 

We are following ebay recommendation of implementation required for correctly support these new types of payments. Below you can find a summary of what could be changed for our sellers with managed payments

Listings and revising items with management payments

Information about payment details inside Selling Profile when you don't use Business Policy will be ignored by ebay marketplace during list and revise operation. At the same, you still will need to enter payment details inside Selling Profile, but this will not give any result for your listing.

In case when you are using Business Policy, it still will be required to choose a proper and most corresponding Business Policy option. The 'immediate payment' feature in payment business policies is still supported, but PayPal-related information will no longer be necessary.

Payment business policies can be created and managed in the seller's My eBay account.

Payment details inside ebay orders

Ebay order information will still contain all customer and order related information as usual. Information about the used payment method becomes invalid.  Regardless of the actual payment method that was used by the buyer to pay for the order, you will also see one specific payment method. 

Compatible module version with eBay managed payments

PrestaBay module started with version 3.0 is compatible with ebay managed payments functionality. Started from PrestaBay 4.0 corresponding help clarification added into Selling Profile settings.

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