PrestaShop eBay Integration manual

Selling Profile — General tab

General configuration information for ebay item. It contains the following fields:

  • Profile Name — the name of “Selling Profile” that will identify this settings group
  • eBay Account — connected ebay account
  • Marketplace — ebay marketplace. This fields is required to correctly show available ebay categories, shipping methods, payment methods, and return policy
  • eBay Category Mode — available values “Selling Profile” and “Category Mapping”.
  • Selling Profile mode — information about ebay category needs to be defined inside “Selling Profile”. All connected “Item Specifics” should be selected inside “Selling Profile” as well.
  • Category Mapping mode — information about ebay category and item specifics is defined in selected “Category Mappings”. Using category mapping you can define a complex mapping between PrestaShop categories and ebay categories. We recommend always use the “Category Mapping” mode. Please refer to the corresponding manual section “Category Mapping” for more details.
  • eBay Category Main (only Selling Profile mode) — ebay category where products from Selling List will be sent.
  • eBay Category Secondary (only Selling Profile mode) — additional second category for products.
  • Auction mode — mode of ebay auction. Could be Fixed Price (buy now without bidding functionality) and  Auction/Chinese (listing with bidding functionality)
  • Duration — duration of activity ebay listings on ebay. For “Fixed Price” action mode available special duration “GTC” that referred to  Good 'Til Cancelled. Listing remain active before will not be stopped or get out of stock
  • Private Listing — with activating this option buyers' identities remain anonymous. The field can be used to obscure item title, item ID, and item price from post-order Feedback comments left by buyers. This feature may be appropriate for sellers listing in Adults Only categories, or for high-priced and/or celebrity items
  • International Site Visibility — this field is used to put listing to be returned in the search results for other eBay sites. This feature is currently only supported by the US, UK, eBay Canada, and eBay Ireland sites. See Getting exposure to international sites for more information
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