PrestaShop Amazon Integration Manual — Amazon Jobs

Amazon Jobs

PrestaShop Amazon Integration module includes special feature named “Amazon Jobs”. This jobs represent communication with external API of Amazon Marketplaces platform and give very good overview all actions happening inside the module.

Most parts of Amazon Marketplace API required execution in the background. Seller submits there request to amazon servers, then servers process this request and after execution give results that could be checked by seller separately. Very good example of amazon api is “Reporting” from seller central interface.

 PrestaShop Amazon Integration module takes responsibility for automatically check response for submitted api requests, download execution result and apply this result for all related items, orders or other elements at integration.

All list of executed or scheduled amazon job it’s possible to find at menu CatalogAmazon→Amazon Jobs

At this page you can see the table with all jobs executed, pending or canceled. Following columns are available:PrestaShop Amazon module — Amazon Jobs

  • ID — unique identify of amazon job inside PrestaShop Amazon Integration module
  • Amazon Account — the name of amazon account for which job was created
  • Job Type — the type of job that was executed. Available following jobs
  • Sending Products — establishing a connection between PrestaShop Product and Amazon Item, send QTY and Price information.
  • Update Products QTY — send QTY update for amazon products connected to the module
  • Update Products Price — send Price update for amazon products
  • Update Products QTY & Price — send QTY & Price update for selected amazon products
  • Stop Products — send zero QTY update for Amazon Products and exclude these products from the further synchronization.
  • Stop & Remove Products — send zero QTY update for Amazon Products and upon execution remove products from Selling Lists
  • Orders Fulfillment — send fulfillment status for amazon orders, status update generates for PrestaShop orders that get shipped. As soon as amazon order get fulfillment status, buyer get charged for the purchased amount.
  • Inventory Report — download inventory report for all amazon accounts and imported products in this report into Amazon Inventory section of PrestaShop Amazon Integration module.
  • Job Status — current status of Amazon Job. Depending on the status job could be canceled and all affected items returned to initial state. Available Statuses for the job:
  • Reserved — amazon job details are reserved on the server. No actions are taken yet. The job could be canceled in this state.
  • Created — amazon job fully created and scheduled for execution. Job still could be canceled at this state.
  • Processing — job data start processing (like generated special XML feeds). In the state, the job can’t be canceled.
  • Waiting for result — all job details successfully transferred to amazon but the result of execution is not available yet. Depending on amazon servers loading, number of products in the job, status for the job could be in waiting for half an hour.
  • Done — job execution is done and result data could be downloaded from amazon and applied to all related items.
  • Error — during job execution happens error, please check the error log for more details about the failure.
  • Canceled — job execution gets canceled.
  • Created Date — date and time when the job was created
  • Last Update Date  — data and time when the job was last updated from server details
  • Actions — action possible to perform with selected job. It’s possible to check the current status of job execution, check job log or cancel the job.

All amazon api calls have certain limitation, throttling and restore rate. Throttling mean how many requests to amazon api could be performed in the time range. Restore rate is the speed of restoring a number of performed request.

Important limitations:

  • Send, QTY/Price Update — maximum 30 requests in one hour, restore rate is 1 request in 2 minutes. This means that you can do no more than 30 requests for making the connection between PrestaShop and Amazon Items. Due to this limitation, it makes sense export in one call as much products is possible.
  • Orders Import — restoring speed of 1 request in the minute, maximum request in a stack is 6. So after doing 6 requests to download amazon orders, it will be needed to wait at least 1 minute before next request. And after 6 minutes possibility of making requests will be fully restored. It’s also important that in single api request to download orders module can obtain oldest 20 orders and on next request following 20 orders.
  • Amazon Inventory download — not more than 60 requests an hour. The maximum number of request 15 and then restore speed is 1 request minute.
  • ASIN search by UPC/EAN code — 18000 request an hour.
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