PrestaShop Amazon Integration Manual — Dashboard


The dashboard allows you quickly perform actions with all your Products in PrestaBay — PrestaShop Amazon module. This part of a system gives you an overview of currently created Amazon Jobs together with a current state and number of items affected.

Another important part of Dashboard is a list of latest amazon orders.

The top part of Dashboard includes a link to import operations with the module that need to be done as the first step after starting module usage.

Onboarding sectionPrestaShop Amazon module — Dashboard

Include important steps for an easy start with a module

  • License — information about license status
  • Amazon Accounts — the number of added amazon accounts and link to adding new amazon account
  • Amazon Marketplace Information — download or update information about amazon marketplaces (shipping lists, categories list)
  • Selling Profiles — the number of Selling Profiles and quick access to creating new Selling Profile
  • Selling List — the number of Selling List available in the module and also quick access for creating of new Selling List.

Statistics section

This section display information about current amazon products, products that could be linked to amazon items and a number of Selling List Products locked due to Amazon Job execution.

  • Active Amazon Items — the number of Selling List products having status “Linked” and connected to PrestaShop products
  • Ready for Linking — Selling List products that have status “Not Linked” and could be connected to existing amazon items
  • Pending State — the number of Selling List Products in the locked state due to the active execution of Amazon Job
  • Stopped State — the number of Selling Products that linked to Amazon item but was stopped and excluded from automatic synchronization tasks.

Buttons on the bottom allow manipulating with every Selling List Products in this groups.

  • Stop All “Linked” Items — generate Amazon Job that will put QTY = 0 for all Selling List Products that currently have positive QTY and available on amazon for sale.
  • Update All “Linked” — generate Amazon Job that will update QTY/Price/QTY & Price for all amazon items currently available for sale inside Selling List
  • Send All “Not Linked” Items — generate Amazon Job that will connect all products on Selling Lists that currently “Not Linked” with PrestaShop products and make it available for sale on amazon.

Latest Amazon Orders section

Block display list of most recent amazon orders with important information about it. From this block, it’s possible to navigate for a full list of amazon orders inside PrestaBay — PrestaShop Amazon Order information.

Amazon Jobs section

Show most recent Amazon Jobs with information about it. It’s also possible to navigate to full list of Amazon Jobs.

Throttling & Limitation section

Show important information about Amazon Jobs limitation due to amazon API restrictions.

Useful links

List of links connected to Amazon PrestaShop Integration or our other products.

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