PrestaShop eBay Integration — 4.0.0

PrestaShop eBay Integration — 4.0.0

Long waiting and a new big update to our PrestaShop eBay Integration module are here.

The main focus on this release is connected to a small improvement in a different part of the module to simplify it work and give more flexibility to our merchant working with it.

We also update order import functionality to be better compatible with the upcoming PrestaShop release.

List of included changes you can find here:

New features:

  • Advanced Settings: full revise all active items every Sunday at 00:00
  • Switch support widget to helpscout and integrate internal documentation on different pages
  • Support for PrestaShop 1.7.7
  • Optional param to description variable to remove all not allowed tags
  • Output bayer ID into ebay orders list (inside prestabay)
  • Add support for ebay "Canceled" state
  • Adding mapping between ebay order statuses "Refunded", "Canceled" and PrestaShop Order statuses

Improvements to existing functions:

  • Ebay customer registration address used for the creation of a customer account. The logic for the Billing and Shipping address remains unchanged.
  • Force StoreId during cron job execution (multi-store PS)
  • Optionally exclude from revise Item Specifics, Price or QTY (also for variations listings)
  • Add short Description fields for ebay tab on Product page
  • Extend Blacklist functionality with Supplier option
  • All Items Specifics has always had a drop-down field (even with type input-text)
  • Updated and improved ebay order importing functionality (v3)
  • Improve Gallery Images options in Selling Profile. Gallery type default, deprecated options removed.
  • Remove superfluous EAN related options from Selling Profile and re-order identify & variation section
  • Show "System Synchronization" page link inside Synchronization page
  • Move advanced configuration options into Synchronization
  • Notice in Selling Profile related to eBay managed payments
  • Includes in sync check ebay items with QTY > product QTY

Issue fixing:

  • Product Feature variable to render feature value
  • Special Price (ebay price #) should be used also with variation listing
  • Show only active carriers on the order shipping mapping section
  • Blacklist DB table has a wrong DateTime field
  • Double quote in Item Specific could break selection
  • Encode URL in search functionality
  • Auto-remove task should force stop product
  • Fake email changes for order importing functionality
  • Add round precision for old order import functionality
  • Fix \' issue in category mapping for category name with ' in it

Internal documentation

One big move inside the new module version is switching to internal documentation with a smart search.

For every page of the module, you can find a help widget that gives you instant access to all available module documentation and the possibility to reach us via the contact form.

Support for Refund and Canceled status for ebay order

One of the most awaiting features is here. Module now support mapping for ebay Refund and Canceled statuses inside synchronization options page

The extra setting for order import

Few settings related to order importing moved from Advanced settings to order synchronization settings and could be more easily accepted and changed


For Startup customers that have a license for the 1.8.x or 3.x version, the upgrade cost for this module is 99€ with a minimum therm of techinical support. If you are interested in the year of techinical support and all future updates, the package cost 179€.

Purchase update to PrestaBay — PrestaShop eBay Integration module —

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If you have "Professional" and higher package of the module update for you is free and you can download it from your account section.

How to upgrade

Module update could be downloaded from your personal account on our website — "My Account".

Do you have any questions? Fill free to contact us.

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