PrestaBay - version 1.4 - shipping, orders, description, usability

Version 1.4 of "PrestaBay - PrestaShop eBay Integration" module have a lot of improvement and modification. Bellow you can find full list of it.
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  • Global change for shipping and shipping template
  • Order import improvement
  • New Synchronization task and synchronization settings form modification
  • Description Template
  • Micro changes for Selling Profile
  • Usability improvement
  • Translation ready. Italy Interface localization.


PrestaBay Shipping Improvement

In version 1.4 of our PrestaShop eBay integration we rebuild logic of working with Shipping into "Selling Profile". First of all we remove list of all shipping. Now you need add new row to shipping table and then selected required shipping service. Also there you can specify shipping priority (what shipping shown first, what second and so on).

[image_frame style="framed_shadow" align="center" alt="Domestic eBay Shipping options" title="Domestic eBay Shipping options" width="610"][/image_frame]

For "International Shipping" we adding possibility to specify separate "Shipping Location" for each shipping methods. Also please notice that for international shipping you can specify same shipping two time but with different "Shipping Location". Such possibility allow you separate shipping cost depending from location.

Also for US, CA, AU we add support for Calculated Shipping.

[image_frame style="framed_shadow" align="center" alt="Calculated eBay Shipping configuration box" title="Calculated eBay Shipping configuration box"][/image_frame]

By using "Calculated Shipping" costs for delivery your listing are automatically calculated for your buyer based on the buyer's ZIP code, the weight and dimensions of the package, and the type of shipping services you offer. This possible by provide detail information about item, including dimension and weight.

At the end of "Shipping" you can find possibility to specify "Shipping Exclude" location. Such option useful for exclusion some location from shipping.

Another feature that added in this version of module is "Shipping Template". Using this template allow you define delivery cost based on PrestaShop product weight or price. Also you possible disable some shipping method when PrestaShop product not feet specific conditions.

[image_frame style="framed_shadow" align="center" alt="Shipping template edit form" title="Shipping template edit form" width="610"][/image_frame]

Please follow link to read more information about "Selling Profile: Shipping", "Shipping Template"

Order improvement

In version 1.4 you can find follow order improvement.
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  • Show External Transactions - under PrestaBay Order section you can find external transaction information. Usually there you can find PayPal transaction number
  • Log - detailed information what happens with selected order and when
  • Correct Shipping Name in PrestaShop Order - after order imported into PrestaShop you can find correct eBay shipping name.
  • Change order status on PrestaShop also change status on eBay - by change status of imported order into PrestShop, PrestaBay module will send request to eBay to also change status for connected eBay Order. If order not imported to PrestaShop it also possible change eBay order status from PrestaBay order view page.
  • [image_frame style="framed_shadow" align="center" alt="eBay Order detail view in PrestaBay. Control buttons." title="eBay Order detail view in PrestaBay. Control buttons."][/image_frame]

  • Import eBay Orders by SKU - PrestaBay allow seller import Orders into PrestaShop for 3rd party listing using eBay SKU as mapping field. For activate this option you need to enable connected option into "Synchronization Settings" and make sure that PrestaShop product have "Reference" same as eBay SKU


More information "View eBay Order".

Synchronization form modification

In this version we grouped together options from pages "Configuration Information" and "Synchronization". You can see result of this operation on page "Synchronization".

First of all please notice that we remove "Emulate Cron" option. This happens due to huge performance penalty by this feature to main store. Please contact us if you need help with correct cron configuration.
[image_frame style="framed_shadow" align="center" alt="PrestaShop eBay Synchronization settings - catalog part" title="PrestaShop eBay Synchronization settings - catalog part" width="610" height="200"][/image_frame]

Also please notice that we add new synchronization task "Price Synchronization". Main purpose for it update connected eBay product when price in PrestaShop store is changes.

Another added option is import eBay order into PrestaShop by SKU to Product Reference mapping.

We draw your attention to another option related to order import that allow controlling when order for PrestaShop is created. We suggest you enable "Create PrestaShop Order before eBay Payment" only if QTY for items need updated immediately after pressing buy button by eBay customer.

Description Template

When you creating a lot of "Selling Profiles" copy&paste description template into each of them is bit
unusable. Due to this we separate description into separate form named "Description Template". By using it you also can preview you eBay description without sending product to eBay.
More information you can find in related manual page "Description Template"

Selling Profile modifications

Next field has been added to "Selling Profile"

  • Sub Title - additional title for eBay listing. All special variables can be used
  • Immediate Payment - request seller pay immediately after purchase
  • International Visibility - work only for UK, US, CA and Ireland and allow listing view on other marketplaces
  • New variables: tag, combination - display product tags and all available product combination
  • Custom value to Product Specific - it's possible set custom values into "Product specifics" that accept such values

Usability improvement

In version 1.4 we change design of action button, add more column to some grids.

Translation ready

Currently PrestaBay module support localization. Currently we already translate interface of PrestaBay to Italian. In the future we also plan to add other languages. If you want to increase translation process of the module into your language feel free to contact us.

[image_frame style="framed_shadow" align="center" alt="PrestaShop eBay Italiano Integration interface" title="PrestaShop eBay Italiano Integration interface" height="150" width="600"][/image_frame]


Thank you for stay with us. If you have some idea that improve PrestaBay module do not hesitate to inform us about it at

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