PrestaBay updated to version 1.1.0

Today we release version 1.1.0 of our PrestaShop eBay Integration Module - PrestaBay.
Main features that included to this release

  • Stock Level Synchronization Support
  • Log all actions with eBay - List/Relist/End
  • Enhanced Selling List. You can adding new products to existing List
  • Product Gallery Support
  • And others

Let's look closer to some key feature

Stock Level Synchronization

Most critical opportunity of business with selling some staff it's not sell some product which no longer exists. When your sell only into PrestaShop store it's not a problem. What to do when your also have sales on eBay?
We offer your use stock level synchronization that included into PrestaBay, that allow your download sales from eBay and make up to date qty number on eBay.

For perform such synchronization PrestaBay have special option named "Sync eBay <=> Store QTY". If your enable this synchronization all sales from eBay will change QTY into PrestaShop. Also QTY update into PrestaShop will change QTY on eBay.

Another synchronization setting "Stop Listing when Stock Level Become 0" allow auto-stop eBay Listings that don't have stock availability on PrestaShop.

And finally synchronization task "Keep Listing Active While QTY Available" auto relist eBay item when your have qty into your PrestaShop store. Also this task make item active that change qty from 0 to positive (also your need to previously listed this item to eBay).

Product Gallery Support

Look of your Listing it's first that your customer see. Very important to seller provide as more information as possible. Advanced product gallery help seller give more pictures of product on eBay site.

Some eBay sites not give additional fee for use such gallery.

Your can specify number of images that used for gallery on "Selling Profile"

Item specific support

Item specifics let you provide details about the item you're selling, such as brand, size type, size, color, and style. These details appear at the top of your listing description, in a consistent format, making it easy for buyers to get the facts about your item.

When you create your listing, we'll suggest item specifics based on the category in which you're selling your item. By providing the recommended item specifics, you'll make it easier for buyers to find your listing and make an informed purchase.

  • Item specifics tell buyers about your item. Item specifics are shown at the top of your description, telling buyers exactly what you're selling. They make the basic facts about your item clear and accessible, helping buyers make a purchase decision.
  • Item specifics help buyers find your item. The item specifics that you select can make your listing more relevant to a buyer's search, which can bring it closer to the top of search results.

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