PrestaBay eBay Integration v3.0.0

PrestaBay eBay Integration v3.0.0

We are happy to announce the release of our v3.0.0 of our PrestaShop eBay Integration module.

Key changes included in this release: Manufacture and Suppliers mode for Selling List, Business Policy management improvements, Shipping methods, and carriers mapping, Business Policy Shipping Templates, Scheduled Listings, Order Fullfilment improvment, Black list.

For more details please check our article.

PrestaBay — PrestaShop eBay Integration v3 Changes

This module includes a lot of new functionality and improvement. In addition to it, we update a big part of our codebase to have better compatibility with the latest PrestaShop versions.
As an example, we add 31`477 characters and remove 7`808 not needed symbols.

In this article, we highlight the most important changes without much details about it. Detailed features descriptions you will be possible find in following blog posts.

Two modes for Selling Lists. You can create Selling Lists with “Suppliers” and “Manufactures” modes in addition to standard “Product” and “Categories” modes.

Blacklist functionality. You can block certain SKU or manufacturer from been exported on ebay.

Price Template allows selecting mode used for price calculation. Not only PrestaShop price but also Original and Wholesale price.

Additional tags for PrestaBay Description Template. Meta tags, wizard attributes pro module, [product_attachments], product shipping related variables [product_shipping_width][product_shipping_height][product_shipping_depth][product_shipping_weight], [ebay_id] - current item id on ebay (available only during revise calls), [product_combinations_all] — list of all attributes options for product.

Added Polish Translation (thank you Radosław Koziołek).

Import eBay orders as guest order (option should be active in PrestaShop).

Download button for HTML templates. Now you can easily check it directly on ebay.

Special block inside PrestaShop Order that display information about related eBay order.

Improvement for eBay LMS jobs management (Flash Jobs). You can check the progress of every job and if needed cancel it on ebay. We will tell more about this functions in next days.

A number of improvement related to Business Policy management:

  • Get a list of all Business Policies available for eBay account and marketplace
  • Possibility to remove specific Business Policy if you don’t use it.
  • Business Policy Shipping Templates — we will tell about this possibility in details. In short, you can configure the connection between PrestaShop products price/weight with corresponding Shipping Business Policy

Show other our modules, and services available for us.

Show item SKU if available for eBay order item.

Shipping Mapping Interface. This is import feature to select different shipping carrier based on PrestaBay mapping configuration. We will tell about this functionality in details in the next couple of weeks.

Smart Price Rounding option for Selling Profile. Sell product with price 7.99 instead of 7.72.

Schedule Listings. This is an important function to export products into specific time range and make sure that customers from specific marketplace see your listing on a different time.

Refactored Order Status synchronization. As a result support tracking code set directly in DB and better integration with third-party tools.

Updated Dashboard of PrestaBay module. Show critical logs section, latest notifications, change block orders, not blocked loading blocks data.

Allows disabling ebay account. Disabled account excluded from synchronization and from all actions.

Remove deleted Products from Selling List. No more invalid product on Selling Lists.

Changes in cron systems. At first point change url for cronjob based on PrestaShop 1.7 requirements. And allowing to create a separate cron job for important tasks — Advanced cron job managment. Plus we include help with correct cron job URL. 

Correctly handle the difference in ebay user registration and user billing address for ebay orders.

Protection from accidental item stop on automatic synchronization

Change items status to Not Active, when Relist is failed due to time (60 days term), so it could be Listed automatically

Solve automatically ebay limitation of 3000 items changes returned in api call. 

Now when you add combination item to Selling List, witch combination already exists, add only new combinations (this functionality works only for Selling List where a product with combinations showed as separate products).

Rearranged tabs in Selling Profile for better visibility of Business Policy.

For Ebay.DE marketplace we show Ebay Plus icon if the order was created with this option. 

A full list of changes you can find in our page — Change log

For PrestaBay Startup Customers

In addition to the functionality listed above, we include all features that were available only for Pro and higher packages. This includes — ebay tab on PrestaShop product, Fee reporting, Message, and Feedback management.


For Startup customers, upgrade cost for this module is 99€ with minimum therm of techinical support. If you interested in the year of techinical support and all future updates, package cost 149€.

Dear customers, please aware in packages changes and additionally fee for limit monthly sales volume exceed.
Please notice that customers with a Grower plan and higher have access to our Amazon Integration module with a shared monthly sales volume.

Detailed information about pricing you can find on Pricing page.

How to upgrade

Customers with Professional and higher package could download module archive from the account on our website — "My Account". Customers with Startup package, fill free to process purchase update. During checkout please enter your current URL.

Do you have any questions? Fill free to contact us.

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