PrestaBay - 4.2.1

PrestaBay - 4.2.1

New Update to PrestaBay — PrestaShop Ebay Integration (Salestio), version 4.2.1 available to download from a personal account on 

Version 4.2.1 include the following changes


- Reconnection of ebay accounts will not lead to the creation of the new records, but update existing Enhancements:

- Fetching Item specifics for not existing (or old) ebay category will show you an error that category data do not exist anymore. In the past for these cases, customers could see no clear error.

- New variable available for using inside Selling Profiles and Description Templates. Variable `ebay_or_presta_title` allows you to fetch data of ebay time from two places. By default, PrestaBay title inside PrestaShop product, but if value empty - from PrestaShop product default title.

- We added a new widget with the latest releases notification from the PrestaBay module, you can find it inside the PrestaBay module dashboard

To upgrade to the 4.2.1 version please follow our manuals

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