PrestaBay 1.2.0 - Order Import, Category Mapping and other

Today we lunch the new update for our PrestaShop eBay Integration module – PrestaBay. The main focus of this update is dedicated to the 'Order Import' feature.

List of all features included in this release:

  • Order Import
  • Emulate Cron
  • Store Category Support
  • Category Mapping
  • Price Template
  • Secondary eBay Catalog Category
  • Item SKU support
  • Enhanced Selling Profile. Auto cut long titles
  • Hit Counter
  • Mass-actions on selling list with all products in specific states

Order Import

This feature allows the management of all eBay sales directly on PrestaShop. There are two sides of order importing. We separate the eBay orders from items listed by PrestaBay and orders listed by third-party tools. To allow order importing into PrestaShop, you need to enable connected task on 'Synchronization' page.

PrestaBay Created Orders

First, orders created for PrestaBay listed products can be imported into the standard PrestaShop Order view page. After this, it is possible for the administrator to handle order status (set payment accepted, shipped).

Also imported with the order is information about the customer that can be managed from the PrestaShop admin panel.

Please notice that the PrestaBay order import feature handles eBay order statuses and automatically updates associated PrestaShop orders.

  • eBay Checkout Incomplete – 'Awaiting cheque payment'
  • No Payment on eBay – 'Awaiting PayPal payment'
  • Payment fail on eBay – 'Payment error'
  • eBay Payment completed – 'Payment accepted'
  • eBay Shipping complted – 'Shipped'

By default, the automatic creation of an order in PrestaShop is not enabled. Please open 'Configuration Information' page on PrestaBay module and enable connected task.

Third-party eBay orders

PrestaBay module does not allow importing of orders for listings created by third-party tools into the PrestaShop order view page. Instead, we show such orders on a special page that is located on Catalog->eBay->Orders.
This page also includes orders created for PrestaBay listings. The main difference between these two types of orders is a special green check for PrestaBay orders. When you click on the 'check' you will view the associated PrestaShop order.

Emulate cron

After the previous update we noticed that some of our customers had problems configurating the cron job. To avoid cron job configuration we created a special feature that makes it possible to emulate cron using your PrestaShop store customers as cron callers. Every 15 minutes some of your store customers will run all enabled synchronization tasks. The synchronization task operation can take up to 30 seconds. This depends on your catalog size and the number of eBay sales.

Please notice that this operation is not enabled by default. To enable it please open 'Configuration Information' page and enable related task.

Store Category and Secondary Category Support, Item SKU, Hit Counter, Auto-cut long titles

If your account on eBay has a store subscription the PrestaBay module allows you to choose a of your store category when available.
To choose a store category you need to open “Selling Profile”, click on “Store” tab and select category from list.
This update also allows you to choose an additional (secondary) eBay catalog category. This is not a required filed. Such field located update 'Main Category'.
Currently it is also possible send “Product Reference” as SKU to eBay. This field is also called on eBay as “Custom Label” and used to identify eBay listings.

It is also possible to insert “Hit Counter” into eBay listing page. More information about counter available on – eBay help page. 
Also we include a new possibility that allows you to send products with long titles without changing the PrestaShop product. Auto-cut removes all characters from the eBay item title which extend past the 55 character limit.

Category Mapping

Another big part of new version is the new “Selling List” feature – this allows you to choose the PrestaShop category from which products will be automatically sent to eBay.

Previously, “Selling List” supported only “Product” mode for eBay Product source. On this mode, the seller can select a few products from the PrestaShop catalog and insert them into the list. After this, he chooses these products and sends them to eBay.

The new “Category” module allows you to select a single PrestaShop category and all products from this category will be sent to eBay and connected to the chosen “Selling Profile”.

If you enable the option “Add New Product to Category” on “Configuration Information” page, all new products that are added to this PrestaShop category will be sent to eBay automatically. Also, all products that are removed from the connected category will auto-stop from eBay and be removed from the connected “Selling List”.

Price Template

This feature allows you to create advanced price conditions for eBay Items. Let's try to explain it with a simple example.

If a PrestaShop store product is priced between $0 and $100 - increase the eBay price by 20%. However, if the product is priced from $100 to $1000, increase the eBay price by 10%.

Such a Price Template example would look like the following:

To create a new “Price Template” please choose “Selling Profiles”, click on button “View Price Template” and click on “New Price Template”. After template is created you can choose it as price source into “Selling Profile”.

Mass-actions on selling list with all products in specific states

According to our customer's wishes we added special mass-actions to the “Selling List”. Such actions are located on the right-bottom corner of the “Selling List” grid. The main purpose of this is to repeat actions (list/relist/revise/end) for items in certain states.

For example, mass-actions “List” would apply only to “Selling List” products that currently are not listed on eBay. The “Relist” action would apply to products that were listed and are currently stopped.

Additional information

Upgrade information is available on help page -
If your have suggestions for the next PrestaBay version, send it to us on

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