PrestaShop eBay Integration Manual — Sending Product To Ebay

Sending product to eBay

For send any product to ebay you need to specify a significant amount of information: marketplace, ebay account, product title, category, qty, SKU, price, item specific, payment information, shipping information and so on.

We understand that setting such information for each PrestaShop product is more than unacceptable. Due to this, we create a place for global configuration. Every group of settings for similar products we named ‘Selling Profile’.

‘Selling List’ — is a group of PrestaShop products that have same “Selling Profile”.

Selling List could be created by PrestaShop category or by adding multiple independents products.

Each ‘Selling Profile’ can be applied to any amount of ‘Selling List’.

So for send PrestaShop Products to ebay, you need to do following:

  1. Create new “Selling Profile”
  2. Create new “Selling List” and add products into it
  3. Hit “Send” button to actually send products to ebay
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