PrestaShop eBay Integration Manual — Preview Description Template

Preview Description Template

PrestaBay module gives you a possibility to preview eBay description without actual sending PrestaShop product to eBay.PrestaShop ebay module — Preview Description Template

This possible with "Preview" feature of "Description template".

In order to show preview please click "Preview" button from "Edit Description Template". It's also possible to access "Preview" from the list of  "Description Templates".

After click on “Preview” button, you will see description template generated with a random product from your PrestaShop store.

You can change product by passing its ID into field Product ID.

Please notice that description content can be different depending on the selected language. You can choose a language from drop down box “Language”.

For generating preview you also need to select "Selling Profile" where it should be used. Data from Selling Profile are used for generating template content (chosen image size)

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