PrestaShop eBay Integration Manual — Check Flash Task Status

Check Flash Task status

PrestaShop ebay module — Check Flash Task status

Status of every flash task is automatically checked on every run of synchronization. Hoverwer you have a possibility to check status of task manually.

For do this please  

  1. Navigate to menu Catalog—>ebay—>Flash Tasks
  2. Select one of the task and click on “Check Status”

If Flash Task status is “Done” or “Error” result of execution will be apply to PrestaBay installation with adding all necessary information into Selling List—>Items Log

Available status for Flash Task

  • Reserved — task is reserved for adding information
  • Pending — all data to a task is added and task receive a command start
  • Processing — data is analyzed and processed
  • Delayed — data processing done, system wait for ebay operations result
  • Done — job is done and result available for download
  • Error — task finished with errors
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